What 'Game of Thrones' Can Teach Food Companies About Fighting Obesity Hank Cardello

For fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones, perhaps the biggest thrill of Season 8 is seeing fiercely rival families and religions join forces to finally defeat the White Walkers, a zombie army that grows by killing off the living. No less collaboration will be needed to fight one of our greatest public health crises today: obesity, which is putting 93 million US adults at increased risk of premature death.

In short, we need every sector of the food and beverage industry – from packaged food and restaurant companies to beverage makers and convenience store operators – to join the fight. And we especially need the biggest...

¿Qué países latinoamericanos están mejor preparados para enfrentar el cambio climático?

La reducción de las emisiones mundiales de gases de efecto invernadero es fundamental para manejar los riesgos del cambio climático en todos los rincones del mundo. Sin embargo, incluso si podemos limitar el calentamiento global a 2 °C, el clima seguirá cambiando, afectando tanto a las empresas como a las comunidades de América Latina.

A menudo, la meta de 2 °C para el calentamiento global no se comprende correctamente. Hay una tendencia a pensar que es un límite científico que delimita perfectamente los niveles "seguros" y "peligrosos" del cambio climático. Pero no es así.

En cambio, es una línea trazada por los políticos...

Offshore drilling is the unenviable canary in the coal mine


No one wants to be the canary in the coal mine.

Sacrificing yourself to warn others may sound noble, but most of us would prefer to escape impending death. Economics are uncompromising, though, and when it comes to oil and gas, offshore drillers will be first to go if the peak demand hypothesis proves correct.

Fifteen years ago, deepwater drilling was supposed to quench the world’s endless thirst for oil. Liquid fossil fuels monopolized the transportation sector, and alternatives existed only in research labs and environmentalists’ imaginations.

Onshore sources of oil also appeared to be dwindling in 2003, giving deepwater and even ultra-deepwater wells a bright future. The infrastructure may have cost tens of billions of d...

Climate Change and the Arctic

The global climate is changing. The impacts of climate change are being observed earlier in the Arctic, and with more immediate and severe consequences, than in most of the rest of the world. The Arctic is warming at a rate almost twice the global average and reductions in Arctic sea-ice and permafrost and changes in weather are increasingly visible. Arctic marine mammals are uniquely adapted to life in the Arctic. Many rely on the seasonal presence of sea-ice, and all depend on the unique ecosystems and immense biological productivity of the region. Both of these factors are influenced by changing climatic conditions.

The Marine Mammal Commission seeks to incr...

5 ways that climate change affects the ocean

For an ecosystem that covers 70 percent of the planet, oceans get no respect.

All they’ve done is feed us, provide most of the oxygen we breathe, and protect us from ourselves: Were it not for the oceans, climate change would have already made Earth uninhabitable.


The oceans have gamely absorbed more tha...

Can chewing gum kill you?

Health Canada says there are 'no safety concerns' and manufacturers can use titanium dioxide without listing it as an ingredient

Titanium dioxide, a common food whitener behind the sheen on sweets and the bleach white colour of toothpastes and chewing gums, could open the door to colorectal cancer, colitis and other stomach problems.Daniel Acker / Bloomberg News
Sea-level rise threatens 13 million Americans. Can FEMA help?

Sea-level rise threatens 13 million Americans. Can FEMA help?

The role of indigenous peoples in combating climate change
  • The role of indigenous peoples in combating climate change
Do diet and physical activity strategies help prevent obesity in children (aged 0 to 18 years)?


More children are becoming overweight and obese worldwide. Being overweight as a child can cause health problems, and children may be affected psychologically and in their social life. Overweight children are likely also to be overweight as adults and continue to experience poor physical and mental health.

Searching for studies

We searched many scientific databases to find studies that looked at ways of preventing obesity in children. We included studies aimed at all ages of children. We only included studies if the methods they were using were aimed at changing children's diet, or their level of physica...

Réchauffement climatique : un quart de la planète est en voie de désertification (et l’Europe sera la plus touchée)

La désertification progresse partout dans le monde, selon une étude publiée en janvier 2018 dans la revue Nature Climate Change. Les conséquences du réchauffement climatique se font déjà sentir.

De plus en plus d’experts et de scientifiques identifient déjà les conséquences du réchauffement climatique sur la planète. Désormais, on fait assez bien les liens entre réchauffement climatique et cyclones, entre changement climatique et inondations ou entre l’augmentation de la 

Here's The Important Difference Between Global Warming And Climate Change

On August 18, 2019, Iceland held a funeral for the first glacier lost to climate change. The deceased party was Okjökull, a historic body of ice that covered 14.6 square miles (38 square kilometers) in the Icelandic Highlands at the turn of the 20th century.

But its glory days are long gone. In 2014, having dwindled to less than 1/15 its former size, Okjökull lost its status as an official glacier.

A plaque was later commissioned to honor the vanishing landmark. At the somber installation ceremony, around 100 people gathered to pay their respects, including hikers, scientists and Iceland's Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir.

Speaking to the press, Jakob...

Here’s a superb reason to ditch your plastic bag addiction

Even in the deepest pit on Earth, at some 35,700 feet beneath the sea, there lies a white plastic bag

Plastic pollution is now so ubiquitous on the planet that citiescounties, and even states have banned single-use plastic bags. New York is expected to soon ban

How to Fight Obesity Naturally

Stop Waiting to Fight Obesity Naturally…Lose Weight NOW!

So 67% of Americans are overweight, 37% of those people are obese & diabetes as well as heart disease are both on the rise.  Scary thing is, ALL of these disease can be reversed or prevented with a few lifestyle changes.  I don’t know about you but after years of research I have come to agree with DECambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey who argues that aging is merely a disease — and a curable one at that. Humans age in seven basic ways he says all of which can be averted. You may be saying, yeah right….but just read and let me know what you think later.

Fight Obesity Naturally:  This is NOT a fad diet, it is a lifestyle change that I challenge each and everyone of us to commit to for 30 days, then decide.  These basic steps can many diseases,...

Fat found in overweight people's lungs

Fatty tissue has been found in the lungs of overweight and obese people for the first time.

Australian researchers analysed lung samples from 52 people and found the amount of fat increased in line with body mass index.

They said their findings could explain why being overweight or obese increased asthma risk.

Lung experts said it would be interesting to see if the effect could be reversed by weight loss.

Increased risk

In the study, published in the European Respiratory Journal, scientists looked at post-mortem samples of lung donated for research.

Fifteen had had no reported asthma, 21 had asthma but died of other causes and 16 died of the condition.

The scientists used dyes to carry out detailed analyses of almost 1,400 airways from the ...

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