This is how Covid 19 is trashing slowly the planet

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The Science of How Marketers and Politicians Manipulate Us

We all like to think we’re in control of our perceptions and decisions. The idea that we’ve been manipulated into buying something—be it a purse or political rhetoric—is distasteful.

Yet it happens constantly. Because we’re human. In fact, the very things that make us human—empathy, emotion, and exhaustion to name a few—give those who are unscrupulous, desperate, or egotistical an edge when it comes to distorting our thoughts and judgments.

And in certain ways the problem is getting worse. Information overload is one reason we’ve grown more vulnerable to manipulation. 

What is climate change?

Learn about the causes of climate change and how you can reduce its threat.

Climate change, also called global warming, refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth. An overwhelming scientific consensus maintains that climate change is due primarily to the human use of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air. The gases trap heat within the atmosphere, which can have a range of effects on ecosystems, including rising sea levels, severe weather events, and droughts that render landscapes more susceptible to wildfires.<...

What happens to your body and brain when you stop eating sugar

Cutting sugar out of your diet will affect your body. Johner Images/Getty

  • There's a difference between refined sugars and natural sugars.
  • Sugar might taste good to

Emissions of potent greenhouse gas have grown, contradicting reports of huge reductions

Date:January 21, 2020

Source:University of Bristol

Summary:Despite reports that global emissions of the potent greenhouse gas were almost eliminated in 2017, an international team of scientists has found atmospheric levels growing at record values.

Despite reports that global emissions of the potent greenhouse gas, , were almost eliminated in 2017, an international team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, has found atmospheric levels growing at record values.

View of Earth's atmosphere (stock image).
Credit: © studio023 / Adobe Stock

Over the last...

Overcoming Teenage Obesity: My Teen Weight Loss Story
My Life as an Obese Teen

One hot Atlanta day, my middle school class went on a nature walk, picking up trash along the way. I tried to keep up, but after about 25 yards, I started panting and sweating. My leg muscles ached from the unusual strain, and I thought I might pass out from heat exhaustion. My teacher saw that I was struggling and asked if I was OK. I shook my head, and he stopped the entire group so I could rest.

I was humiliated when my class crowded around to see if they could help. It was a miserable day.

After school, Mom asked, “How was your nature walk?”

“Fine,” I told her. “We had a great time.” As an obese kid, you learn to be a good actor.


Community Perspectives – Kyle Harris: My Story about Obesity

Kyle Harris
OAC Community Member living in Texas

I struggled with my weight for years and years. I watched the scale slowly creep to more than 300 pounds and then more than 400 pounds. From childhood, I watched my father struggle with his weight for years. I developed obesity-related conditions such as Sleep Apnea, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. I couldn’t bend over to tie my own shoes without getting dizzy and/or out of breath. I couldn’t walk 100 feet without running out of breath. Enjoying outdoor activities was out of the question because I would get overheated quickly. I couldn’t play with my granddaughter the way I wanted to.

I made allowances for my obesity. I would drive around a parking lot looking fo...